Our Initiative

In addition to the annual European Diversity Summit (EDS) we are also working to strengthen diversity with several innovative platforms.


— Talent pool

EDS is developing a global diversity talent pool for stakeholders and business to access


— Diversity Networks

EDS facilitate hands on Diversity Networks that focus on delivering qualified sparring and supplying action orientated environments to develop diversity.


— Diversity Taskforce

EDS is developing a Mobil Diversity Taskforce that can help with challenges and strategies for diversity in any company or organisation in Europe.


— Train and certify

EDS is developing a certification for HR personal managers, leaders and other professionals that will train and certify them in working with and creating diverse and flourishing work environments


— Facilitate scientific research

EDS facilitate scientific research and co-creation in the field of diversity for business and well as education.


— Substantial contributor

EDS is aiming to become a substantial contributor to the development of policies regarding diversity within the EU and the EU members states.


— European Award

EDS will have a European Award for high achieves in diversity for business, education and activism/NGO.


— Become a member

You Can become af member The European Diversity Summit as a company, organisation or individual and have access to selected or all of our initiatives and services.

Become a partner or

You Can become af member The European Diversity Summit as a company, organisation or individual and have access to selected or all of our initiatives and services.

If you would like to become a partner with us and co-host, or sponsor a summit in your country

— Email: partner@europeandiversitysummit.com

if you would like be one of our key note speakers or provide content to the summit

— Email: contributor@europeandiversitysummit.com

if you would like to become part of our mentoring network

- Email: contributor@europeandiversitysummit.com

if you would like to be part of our global talent pool

- Email: talent@europeandiversitysummit.com



Diversity is one of the primary pillars in developing stronger and better societies and businesses – in a world were globalisation and interconnected national economies encrease day by day.

Diversity = Good Business. 

Globalisation and access to diverse labour forces give us strong opportunities to create solutions to global challenges.

We created European Diversity Summit to introduce the tools, methods and mindsets to successfully embrace diversity and co-existence and to bring all the European stakeholders together.

Embracing diversity takes courage and knowledge. We help you build up both.


European Diversity Summitis the first and strongest platform in Europe to bring together shared experiences, knowledge, methods, research, business and talent in a cross European network addressing the opportunites for diversity and leadership on international, domestic, political and personal levels. 

The global healing journey starts within saying YES to diversity. 

Comprehensive diversity strategies create stronger and healthier mindsets, organisations and societies.

Creating sound and effective environments for diversity and co-existence demands dedication and focus.


Knowledge, network, platform, presence, methods, mindsets and talent is brought together across Europe. 

We have a proven track record of knowledge and experience from a top corporate level, national and international political leadership to grass roots civil and human rights work. 

European Diversity Summit is based on facts, knowledge, statistics and leading global research with race and diversity

The Primary Objective for European Diversity Summit is to create commitment to utilize and develop diversity in the public, private and civic sector throughout the European societies.