European Diversity Summit launches in Copenhagen 2021

September 2021

— Copenhagen

September 2022

— Stockholm

September 2023

— London

September 2024

— Berlin

The globalised labour market

The globalised labour market requires globalised mindsets, trained in diversity, if we want to be able to attract and retain the human resources needed to create the best sustainable solutions for the major challenges of the world.

The major global threats we face of climate change, poverty, inequality and peace and justice are all connected; On one hand we have overspending and overconsumption of the worlds resources for economic gain and personal pleasure and on the other hand we still have millions of people living in poverty with little access to clean water, food, medicine, sanitation, education or even shelter.

Labor market challenge

Our ability to attract and retain qualified national and international work labour is essential if we want to address these global threats i.e. maintain and develop a sustainable standard of living in the western world as well as help to raise the standard of living globally. But e.g. Denmark, one of the happiest nations on earth, is rated 65th of 67 nations where expats experience that they can live a fulfilling life and feel included and welcome into their new society.

Paradoxically, our own perception of being open and welcoming towards diversity and foreign citizens and the reality of what these expats experience do not match. Simultaneously in the western world we are also experiencing nationalism and protectionism on the rise — developments that are also counteracting diversity and coexistence.

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