Current requirements of people skills for the positions as Project manager and Marketing Manager – please notice that we have bundled the requirements for all of the positions into one posting and the positions are available in Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you do not match all of the requirements but believe you can grow with the position and responsibility you are still welcome to apply.

Please follow the application guide in the bottom to apply. The jobs are open for application and there is currently no deadline.


We are a European Initiative that acknowledges the challenges of the 21 century in relation to work-life balance and overconsumption of resources and media. We are also working to practice what we preach including:

– A code of conduct that gives priority to an anti-oppressive work environment.
– Quotas of a minimum 50% gender representation.
– Quotas of a minimum of 20% employees with a minority background.
– A 30 hour per week work load
– Mindfulness practice in our work environment


Diversity is one of the primary pillars in developing stronger and better societies and businesses. Globalisation and access to diverse labour forces give us strong opportunities to create solutions to global challenges.


The European Diversity Summit is the first and strongest European platform of its kind. Do you want to become part of our team?


To be part of our team you need to embody some or all of the below skills, knowledge and experience: – Fluent in Danish and English language – written and verbal. (Danish is not required for one of the project manager positions) Strong research and project management skills: – Knowledge of (and preferable experience with) Building an international conference and campaign and developing the pool of content (i.e. Conceptualising the framework, direction and themes for the summit days – not the actual content.) – Excel, budgeting. – Experience with funding. – knowledge of (and preferable experience with) networking, writing application, stakeholder relations and management, Building a professional network through the Labor market, political and educational sector in Denmark and Europe
– Experience with professional SoMe and marketing content (also preferably experience with photo editing, video, sound Productions.)
– Knowledge of (and preferable experience with): DDiversity and inclusion framework in an working environments or from institutions of higher learning. Anti-oppressive work environments, diversity and inclusion from legislation to everyday practice in the organisation. In depth knowledge of gender and racial dynamics in theory and practice.

To apply for a position:

We use an anonymised application process to ensure that our own unconscious bias affects the hiring as little as possible. To apply please follow these steps:

1) set up an anonymous emails for yourself e.g. (an email that does not show your name)

2) write an application letter that includes your motivation to apply, your relevant experience and relevant education. Do not write your age, gender, religious beliefs, handicap, race or religious beliefs and do not include a picture. 

3) copy paste your application into the contact form on the our website with the name Job Applicant, your anonymous email, and subject “Job application”.

We will contact you via email within two working weeks. Thank you.